General Information, Consumables, and Part Numbers

Engine / Propeller
Lycoming YIO-540-EXP189 (YIO-540-D4A5) 260HP Thunderbolt wide-deck, lightweight starter, 149 tooth ring gear (2.42 degrees per tooth), ignition timing 25 degrees
Hartzell C2YR-1BFP/F8068D
Airflow performance FM-150

Clean – 64 kts
1/2 flaps – 59 kts
Full flaps – 54 kts

Idle / Idle Mixture
700 – 750 RPM
0.2 – 0.3 MAP decrease on mixture idle cutoff (Don, Airflow Performance)

Ignition Timing
Engine stamped ignition timing is 25° BTDC
Personal P-Mag timing settings are 23° BTDC to 28° BTDC
1. Retarding ignition timing reduces chance of engine detonation
2. It is easier to start a plane with retarded timing since temperatures and pressures have more time to build in the combustion chamber
3. If the timing is retarded too much the pistons will be on their way down before the plugs fire
4. Both magnetos need to be set to fire within 0.5° of each other
5. Mike Busch stated if the CHTs are high then retard the timing from 25° to 22.5° BTDC (standard Mag)
6. Vic Syracuse recommends a retarding ignition 1-2° for P-Mags
7. Never exceed 34° BTDC

Default setting for P-Mag, start with a timing of 20 degrees and then advances the timing to 29 degrees as MAP decreases and risk of detonation decreases
MAP 25″ or higher – No advance 20 degrees
MAP 22″- 25″ – Adjustment transition from 20 to 29 degrees
MAP Less than 22″ – 29 degrees

Engine Consumables
Oil filter – Challenger CP48110C (formally used CH48110-1)
Oil filter O-ring – CP623
Oil filter element – CP619 (replace every 1,250 hours or 5 years, whichever comes first)
Oil screen washer – 06E19769-1.00
Oil – Phillips Victory AW 20W50
Air filter – K&N E-3450
Prop grease – NYCO GN3058
Wheel grease – Aeroshell 5
Alternator belt – Gates XL7320
Magneto gasket – 62224 (No ears LW-12681)
Magneto drive cushion (replace every 500 hours) – LW-13641 (qty 4)
Backup alternator shear coupling – 410-227-ASSY
Backup alternator gasket – MS9134-01

Spark Plugs
I ran with Iridium NGK BR8EIX (P/N: 6747, solid tip) for two years. Over that time I did however have white build up on the plug threads (otherwise no deposits) indicating running hot. At Brad’s recommendation I switch to a hotter plug and went with the less expensive non-Iridium BR7ES (P-Mag manual lists BR8ES P/N: 3961). After 25 hours I had the same white build up. My local A&P IA looked at the plugs and explained white is better than black build up and that everything was fine.
Part Number – NGK BR7ES (P/N: 5122)
Gap – 0.030″ to 0.035″, use 0.030″ (gap will grow over time and smaller gap is better for high altitude flying)
Washer – M674 copper gasket/washer (machined/flat side towards adapter)
Resistance – Connector to tip 5k ohm
Torque plugs – 18 ft/lb

Injector Size – Cyl1 0.0255″ Cyl2 0.0255″ Cyl3 0.0250″ Cyl4 0.0245″ Cyl5 0.0250″ Cyl6 0.0250″
Torque – 60 INCH/pounds
Cleaning – Hoppe’s #9 for 20 minutes

Minimum Prop RPM
75% MAP 26″, prop 2,200RPM or higher
65% MAP 24″, prop 2,100RPM or higher
55% MAP 20″, prop 2,100RPM or higher

Part Number – EarthX ETX900
Acceptable Charge Voltage – 13.9 – 14.6 volts
Voltage Regulator – Set to 14.3 (once voltage is above 13.9V the BMS starts cell balancing)
Volt Output – CW increase and CCW decrease (0.1V per 1/2 rev)

Tip Tanks
Fuel transfer time – 24 minutes
Safe Runtime – Pumps can run dry for up to 30 minutes without damage

Tires / Tubes
Mains – 600-6 6 Ply Aero Wheel & Brake Service (AWBS) Monster Retread
Nose – 500-5 6 Ply Aero Wheel & Brake Service (AWBS) Elite Premium 2 Grove Retread
Mains – Matco 600X6 Tube Straight Stem (TIRTU600X6)
Nose – Goodyear Premium 5.00X5 Tube 90 degree Stem
Pressure – 50psi