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EAA Airventure 2021

I’ve attended Airventure a bunch of times. Always camping but sometimes driving and sometimes flying. I’ve experienced the mass arrival at KOSH, I’ve spent hours waiting to depart after the show, and experienced the nearly every year big storm. Well this year checked most of those boxes but the most important new one, flying a plane I built. Big shout…

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Don’t scud run.

Whew, so this made for good learning… I needed to fly back to Steamboat to head off on my annual adventure motorcycle ride. The weather pattern between Minneapolis and Steamboat had been locked in place for days with low clouds and some areas of thunderstorms along the route. As I watched the weather I found a window that looked doable…

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First big trip for 1VP

I built my plane for travel and it was exciting to take her on my first “big” trip after a week at home. Yeah, yeah I know – no grass grows under my feet. I left Steamboat fairly early in the morning but after my wife left in our car (maybe I shouldn’t have sent her a picture from the…

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