Monthly Archives : April 2020

Aerosport Aluminum Insert Panels – for Garmin G3X on an RV-10

Another big project, putting together CAD files for the aluminum interior panels with all of the avionics and lighting components. Prior to this project I had not worked with CAD software in a very long time and had to learn LibreCAD. No doubt the dimensioning is very amateur but the placement and component dimensions were checked and double checked. I…

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Garmin G3X Avionics Schematic Drawing

Wowza, putting together these documents was a heavy lift. Rough guess is 150 hours of research, drawing, and validation. Initially my plan had been to hire Stein Air to draw my schematics but Covid-19 gave me the time to do the research and work myself, and in the process save $1,000. You need to be very technically proficient to take…

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What’s next? Hmfp, I don’t know, build an airplane?

I am someone who always needs to have a project in my life. With my time with SV Strikhedonia coming to an end, ideas had been bouncing around in my head. For years the idea of building an airplane popped up but the commitment and idea of pounding tens of thousands of rivets after drilling, deburring, and dimpling seemed daunting.…

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