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Two hikes, one day

The night before I let everyone know I planned to get up for the sunrise and for a hike before we pulled the anchor at 7am. So at 5:15, I quietly (as much as possible) lowered the dinghy and used the oars to get a quarter mile away before starting the engine and idling away. I headed up around the…

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Plantation Visitation

It was a beautiful morning and soon the paddleboards were in the water, as we headed to a farm and lookout spot 300 feet above us. Reaching a dock, we started the climb up 270 odd stairs. Other than a few loose and rotten boards, that we managed to avoid, we were soon on the top of the hill and…

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Diving a P-38 Lightning

We made the long 2.5nm passage to the north bay of Somosomo finding just a single boat in the anchorage. Wanting to get the best daylight we got our snorkeling gear and piled in the dinghy stopping by the Swiss boat (SV Lupina) and we convinced them to join us. They quickly grabbed their gear and dropped their dinghy. Reaching…

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