Monthly Archives : October 2022

First snowstorm meant time for a hike

Huh, maybe not the safest idea but I was bound and determined to squeeze in a hike in the middle of a snow storm. What is the worst that could happen? I packed up some safety gear, food, water, and off I went with Moki up Buff pass. On the trail it looked like a few people had been out…

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Fall Plane Maintenance

An oil change was due making it a good time to tackle a few projects on N241VP. First up was the oil change, I was one of the lucky few who had stockpiled oil filters (filters have become scarce during the past year). I’m down to my last one but it should get me through until the reusable Challenger oil…

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Quick fall backpacking trip

My daughter, who doesn’t have much free time due to grad school and training for the biathlon, and I still managed to squeeze in a 21 hour, 14 mile trip to the Lee Metcalf wilderness just outside of Bozeman. She found a trail she hadn’t hiked that just happened to be right where it looked to be raining. But by…

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