First snowstorm meant time for a hike

Huh, maybe not the safest idea but I was bound and determined to squeeze in a hike in the middle of a snow storm. What is the worst that could happen? I packed up some safety gear, food, water, and off I went with Moki up Buff pass. On the trail it looked like a few people had been out earlier in the day but with the now heavy snow only a fool would be going for a hike.

We went in about two miles and found a spot for a campfire and some exploring, well exploring for Moki. While I tended the fire he would run off in a direction to sniff around. Sometimes he would come check on me and others he would come when I whistled. I can only guess at the miles he ran checking out the area in every direction.

On the hike back I realized the snow was heavier than anticipated and our footprints had disappeared under the 6-7 inches of fresh snow. Thankfully it is a fairly obvious trail with only a couple spots where I questioned if I had missed a bend in the trail. In the end it all worked out and we got to enjoy a beautiful day in the woods all alone.

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