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Finding more sharks

Boat chores ruled the morning, Carl jumped into splicing the screecher halyard (sheathing was cut) and whiping the end of 7 lines. I took care of laundry (sheets and some clothes, gave a deep clean to my bead (bathroom), and caught up one some work, work). Yesterday we figured out that if we placed my Cell Hotspot at the top…

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Whitewater rafting on the Upper Navau river

5:00am came really early, and there might have been some grumbling from Jean but we had a ride to catch. Today’s adventure would be white water rafting the Upper Navua river. This meant getting to Pacific Harbour by 6:45am which was about seventy-five minutes away. Would it be worth it? No way to tell, but we had heard great things…

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Settling in to Chacala

Not one to overbook, we didn’t have massive plans for our first full day in Chacala. Vicki and I did some britework polishing to remove rust from the crossing while Jean went for a kayak. The heat and sun kicked our butts so we only got about 25% of the boat knocked off before we called it a day. The…

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