So long Gato Loco, thank you for the amazing memories!

With a requirement to be off the dock by 7:00am there was movement on the boat a bit after six. Scott and I bought four more bags of ice and packed the cooler. I did some final prep work to see Gato Loco off. Some coffee worked to wake everyone up and soon we were joined by Eddie and Marcia who had enjoyed their last night in a hotel room with AC and unlimited water. The API worker posted up around 6:30 at the top of the ramp so sticking around past our allotted time was not in the cards and just before 7:00am Eddie and I tossed them the dock lines and waved a goodbye.

It was such an amazing few weeks cruising with a fabulous crew. Marcia did an incredible job provisioning and keeping us well fed with fancy dinners each night. Definitely not what we see on our typical “guys” trips. Eddie rocked the fishing providing for all the fish we wanted and due to his success, the next crew had a bunch of Marcia’s pre-made meals to look forward to. And he taught me that a well bled Bonito makes for amazing sashimi and good grilling. Lowell and Frankie made a number of trip down to Penasco to get Gato Loco ready making me feel like the slouch of the group just showing up, jumping on board, and sailing off into the sunrise.

I can’t thank Lowell enough for including me on this adventure. Truly so nice of him to put in all of the work, effort, and stress so that a bunch of friends can join him exploring the gorgeous Sea of Cortez. He is always upbeat, smiling, and recording the shenanigans – all while keeping us safe and managing all of us energy hogs. I feel so lucky to have been included with this group and to have had all of these wonderful memories to take home.

I’m a numbers guy, so here is the synapsis:

Number of miles sailed523.5
Number of nights 18
Number of anchorages11
Number of marinas3
Number of gallons of fuel94.75
Number of hikes4

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  • Marcia May 13, 2024 at 9:36 pm

    Wow I absolutely love the whole synopsis and description of the trip! So so much fun!!


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