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Waiting out Tropical Storm Raymond

The day started a bit early with a bit of rain splattering on my face at 1:00am. Guess the storm is approaching… Hatches closed we had steady rain the rest of the night. At this point I was kicking myself for not grocery stopping last night since there is a bridge that is washed out on the road to Loreto…

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Getting dirty in the Black Hills

Strikhedonia resting down in Puerto Penasco meant it was time for a bit of fun on two wheels. My buddy Mike’s birthday was coming up and it didn’t take much convincing to put together a weekend of dirt bike riding and boating. I loaded up my toy and after work made way for the Black Hills of South Dakota. It…

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Anna and Dad Backpacking SHT

Superior Hiking Trail, out and back from Lake county road 301 Day 1 Started from Lake County Road 301 parking lot, five hours and twenty minutes to reach (13.4 miles) to West Gooseberry Beginning had a number of marsh areas, feet got wet. Not a lot of things to see. A few grouse though. After parking lot I didn’t think…

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