Waiting out Tropical Storm Raymond

The day started a bit early with a bit of rain splattering on my face at 1:00am. Guess the storm is approaching… Hatches closed we had steady rain the rest of the night. At this point I was kicking myself for not grocery shopping last night since there is a bridge that is washed out on the road to Loreto and the detour is through a wash that could be filled with rain water. Ugh. So 7:30am Jack and I don on our foulies and climbed into the dinghy. The drive to town was going pretty well, just a bit of standing water on the road and the washes looked okay. Getting to the bridge we found it perfectly clear, whew. However in town was a different story. Lots of flooded streets, some up to a foot deep. Guess it is good we have the SUV. Two grocery stores, market to recharge my Telcel plan, and filling up the rental car was a blur and two hours later we were back to the marina safe and sound with the food to power us up for the next few weeks. Success!

After washing the produce and getting everything put away it was safety briefing time. That done we could finally have breakfast, err it was 11:30am, so lunch I suppose. Group effort in the kitchen brought BLTs and potato cakes to fill our tummies. The first group game of Farkle followed where Jack exerted his dominance. Then my favorite, a siesta.

In the afternoon we dinghied into the dock for showers and for me to do some work. Oh and to return the rental car. The prices have hiked sky high here but they have been making many improvements. Since the summer they added a very nice cruisers lounge to the top level of the building with 4G cell coverage, a bathroom, and nice table/chairs. Work done, we retreated to the boat for dinner. Vicki and Teresa worked together to cook of some cabrilla with green olives/capers, so so good. With bellies full we watched an episode of An Idiot Abroad before turning in for the night.

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