Stormy night in Isla Coronado

Rain, rain and more rain. That is the theme. Such an unusual Fall in the Baja, but we persevere. Jack and I braved the rain to dinghy in for a last shower and to drop off the key card. By the time the staff arrived there was quite a line of cruisers waiting to do the same and get out of Puerto Escondido. Card returned we hurried back to Strikhedonia where we were soon on our way.

The first stretch was just light rain but as we edged our way north, more consistent rain arrived as did a swell from the NW, so much for the forecast of winds and swell from the SW. It wasn’t bad as we slowly made our way north to Isla Coronado. The rain would come and go, with it our ability to see the island and the Baja. We lucked out as the rain held off as we ran the slot between islands into the anchorage and we dropped the anchor just before the next wave showers arrived.

Just before evening a break in the rain gave us a chance for a beach walk and to stretch our legs a bit on a private beach, well except for the hundreds of pelicans. Vicki wondered if they would attack but nope, they would fly off in mass at any approach. The little bit of light in the sky was our trigger for heading home, even slow going there were splashes and squeals. from the choppy waves.

While Jack was making dinner the real storm arrived. Thunder, lightening, rain. We had it all. Tablet, phones, GPS, Iridium Go all went in the oven. With a caution to Jack not to start the oven! This lasted a good thirty minutes and big relief was felt when the lightning subsided. After dinner we started a movie and not far into it all hell broke loose. The rain dumped in buckets. The sound of the rain pelting the boat made it necessary to set the TV to max volume just to hear. The lightening seemed to be cloud to cloud but that made it no less intimidating. Minutes dripped by and finally the flashes gradually became further apart and eventually stopped. The odd thing was we didn’t experience any wind associated with the downpour. As a bonus we did get to test the water-tightness of Strikhedonia, she passed with flying colors!

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