Monthly Archives : March 2020

The end of the line

The night that Anna and Jessica left PV I talked to my wife. She was greatly concerned as the shelves were bare at the grocery stores in Minnesota. So the next day I headed to Walmart where I stocked up on all the dry good staples, just in case I was stuck for months in Mexico. My plan was to…

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The time slips by much too fast

After a couple high intensity days, we slowed down a bit. We enjoyed relaxing meals in town, walks on the beach, and the ladies did some shopping. Unfortunately the micro-brewery was closed but there are so many beach bars to choose from, it wasn’t missed. As so frequently happens the days slipped by quickly and before we knew it we…

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Hustle to Banderas bay

Back aboard I wasted no time getting Strikhedonia ready for the passage to Banderas bay. I had Jean and our friends coming in about a week and finding a good weather window meant getting to Perula as quickly as possible. After checking out of the marina, getting a good night’s sleep, at the crack of dawn it was time to…

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