The time slips by much too fast

After a couple high intensity days, we slowed down a bit. We enjoyed relaxing meals in town, walks on the beach, and the ladies did some shopping. Unfortunately the micro-brewery was closed but there are so many beach bars to choose from, it wasn’t missed. As so frequently happens the days slipped by quickly and before we knew it we needed to head back to Paradise Village.

The sail back was a great one with everyone taking their turn at the helm while the sails pulled us along. Rick offering up to take the longest amount of time at the helm letting me sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the water slither under the keels. To top it off we had some dolphins swim past, they weren’t up for playing but still a fun chance encounter.

We closed out the trip enjoying the slides and pools at Paradise village, walking to dinner at Fajitas Rep├║blic, and nightly beach walks to see the sunset. And just like that it was time for everyone to head home.

Before closing out this post, I guess it is time to address Covid. We had been hearing about the virus in China and Italy but it really hadn’t had much of an impact on us. But during the week things started ramping up in the US and there was a bit of concern for the flight home. A somewhat bigger concern was my daughter and her friends who were planning a visit the following week. I had a phone call with them explaining it seemed like a low risk, especially if they wore a mask at the airport but that it was up to them. In the end Anna and her friend Jess came but her other friend had to stay home as she worked in a hospital and they would require her to quarantine for two weeks after the trip. Major bummer.

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