Just before the shit hits the fan

My daughter Anna and her friend Jessica flew in to PV and what a packed week we had. Once they were settled in and had a good night’s sleep we headed over to Yelapa where we hiked both waterfalls and enjoyed this beautiful spot. But on the way, a stop for snorkel and kayaking at Los Archos was in order. I stuck to the boat to clean the bottom and let them explore the underwater world.

Following a couple nights in Yelapa it was time to head for La Cruz where we were treated to a visit by a large school of dolphins which brought huge smiles. As we approached La Cruz we had to penetrate a beer cup sailing race. We were under sail too, making it a challenge to not interfere with the race, but with an excellent crew we managed our sails well and avoided collision while sailing into the anchorage. Maybe the highlight of the trip happened while anchoring in La Cruz, we heard a mommy and baby whale chatting. Through the hulls it was loud and clear and we stopped to listen to the magical sounds.

We enjoyed a few days in La Cruz before getting back to Paradise Village where a decision was to be made. Covid was getting more and more concerning. The question was, do we do the zip line, four wheeler, donkey, indoor sky diving excursion or play it safe? Whelp ask just someone in their twenties and it is an easy decision. Decision made, of course we went to the wrong Vallarta Adventures office but thankfully had time to get over their office in the cruise port marina. It was a fun day and other than spending large amounts of time in a van with strangers, it was a low risk activity. At the end of the day we were happy we went.

And just like that Jessica and Anna were headed back home, it was a great visit and a lot of fun just before things got a lot less fun…

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