The end of the line

The night that Anna and Jessica left PV I talked to my wife. She was greatly concerned as the shelves were bare at the grocery stores in Minnesota. So the next day I headed to Walmart where I stocked up on all the dry good staples, just in case I was stuck for months in Mexico.

My plan was to sail up to Mazatl├ín solo, fly home for a few months and then return with my friends Vicki and Jack to bash back to San Diego. So Saturday morning as the sun came up I headed to sea. I was on a nice sail passing Punta de Mita where I talked via VHF to my friends on Sky Pond before tuning into the morning net. All the normal topics until they reached Covid… The word on the street was that all Canadians must be out of Mexico by Sunday, after that no flights would be possible. There was talk of the US doing the same. Ugh, this is not good. Do I push it and get to Mazatl├ín in four or five days or turn around? Over the next forty-five minutes I weighed my options and ultimately the idea of being stuck in Mexico for six months, or longer, didn’t seem like a smart decision.

Well north of the point around Punta de Mita I hung a u-turn and starting making arrangements. First with the marina (was my slip still available?,) and the with the airlines (flight for the following day). A few hours later, once I the dock I talked to Dickie (Marina manager), he had a delivery captain who might be able to deliver my boat to Ensenada. Whew, that might be the best option. She came out and I walked her through the boat. It was stocked with fuel, food, and water and ready to go. She had to see how things played out with Covid but with a safe marina I flew home to Minnesota feeling good about the plan. And so ended the spring sailing season. Shorter than anticipated but at least with everyone and everything safe and secure.

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