Monthly Archives : February 2022

Family Home Stay Rovaniemi

Our neighbor in Steamboat Essi is from Rovaniemi. She was a great help reaching out to friends for suggestions on what we should see and do while visiting Finland. Even better than that assistance was the offer to stay with her parents. How cool is that! The only challenge is that her Mom (Leena) doesn’t speak any English and her…

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Lapland SnowVillage outside of Kittilä

You know how some of those things you see on the internet look like amazing experiences and you jump on board before thinking it through? Yeah, this was one of those. On paper an Snow/Ice village sounds really fun. In reality it is fucking cold. I know, that is pretty obvious. We arrived at the SnowVillage around 2:00pm and were…

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Korouoma Gorge Frozen Waterfall Hike

The Korouoma gorge was formed over a million years ago and in the winter a chain of fourteen frozen waterfall form. It is an easy drive from Posio, about thirty minutes. Probably about 90 minutes from Rovaniemi, if you are coming from that direction. Directions, this is the road to take to the trail head: Saukkovaarantie, 97815 Posio, Finland From…

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