Korouoma Gorge Frozen Waterfall Hike

The Korouoma gorge was formed over a million years ago and in the winter a chain of fourteen frozen waterfall form. It is an easy drive from Posio, about thirty minutes. Probably about 90 minutes from Rovaniemi, if you are coming from that direction.

Directions, this is the road to take to the trail head: Saukkovaarantie, 97815 Posio, Finland

From the parking lot just walk back to the road and hang a right, there is a sign and a bit down the path an entrance gate. We hiked clockwise on the 5.5km loop and I strongly recommend this direction. In that direction there are steep downhills which would be challenging to climb from the opposite direction and going clockwise results in less grade on the climb out of the gorge. Plus you can stop for a fire or lunch the Laavus which perfectly placed are just before your final climb back to the parking lot.

The trail is well marked and periodically there are nice signs giving the history of the forestry in the area. Quite impressive how they created icy paths to haul the logs during the cold winter months.

The first steep downhill into the gorge we attempted to hike but soon found sliding our butts to be more fun and safer. A good chunk of the hike is along the bottom of the gorge crossing back and forth over the river. Lots of beautiful overlooks and spots to take in views of the various waterfalls.

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