Map of N241VP Trips in 2021

Total flight time was 169.0 hours (309 days from first flight to NYE, just over 10 months of flying)

All told I flew to 15 states; Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Missouri, and South Carolina

Hard to tell exactly the number of miles flown but it is around 30,000. Not too shabby. I’m sure partly new toy and partly catching up with everyone after the Covid year but it will be interesting to see what 2022 brings!



Doug the owner of posted a link to generate a map of your flights for the year. In case anyone needs the instructions:
1. Use Notepad or a simple text editor to type up a list of your trips for the year (like what I did above – one trip per line)
2. Go to
3. Click on the white button to the left of ‘Map paths’ in the Quick Usage Guide section
4. Find the ‘Map Controls’ text box, clear out the text that’s in there and paste the list that you typed up in Notepad/etc with your trips
5. Press the white button just below that text button to generate the map. You can edit the text in the box if you got something wrong, or want to delete a line (reclicking the white button below it of course)
6. Get a screen grab or (if on an iPhone or iPad) hold your finger down on the map and select ‘Add to Photos’

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