Family Thanksgiving, Las Vegas style!

Hot on the tail of our big North and South Carolina trip we had to load up the plane and head south to Las Vegas. Weather permitting it is a short three hour flight but over some nasty terrain should there be an issue. The side benefit is that the views are breathtaking… Oh and on the way out we had huge headwinds – yes heading west – which made the trip nearly four hours…

My sister’s favorite and must visit place is Red Rock canyon. The whole group piled in the car to watch the sunset from the beautiful rock formations.

Of course no trip is complete without a visit to the strip, where we watch the Bellagio, played some poker (Kayla and me only), ate some delicious ice cream, and explored the seasonal displays.

My parents had not yet been able to take a flight in N241VP due to wind in the spring when we visited, but on this trip we corrected that. Can I just say, the Vegas valley is a real pain for sightseeing. So much restricted airspace.

Food? Yes, we did eat some amazing food. From a beautiful team effort on Thanksgiving, to breakfast Eggs Benedict, to some great ramon. We nailed the food category.

Not content with one visit, my mom, sister, and I made a second trip the Red Rock. This time to tackle the Calico Tanks hike. My mom is 76 and this is a total rock scramble. I am beyond impressed that she can still handle it and do it with a smile of her face. Way to go mom!

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