Lapland SnowVillage outside of Kittilä

You know how some of those things you see on the internet look like amazing experiences and you jump on board before thinking it through? Yeah, this was one of those. On paper an Snow/Ice village sounds really fun. In reality it is fucking cold. I know, that is pretty obvious.

We arrived at the SnowVillage around 2:00pm and were promptly told that our room would be ready at 10:00pm. Huh, I suppose that makes sense given that who wants to sit in a freezing room. So we explored the various rooms, enjoyed a couple drinks at the ice bar, and eventually ended up in the separate overnight guest cabin which heated. That gave us the chance to organize our cloths and layer up. Dinner was at six and provided the experience of sitting on ice chairs and eating on an ice table. Fun and enjoyable for the first hour but as the meal dragged in this was one time we would have liked things to move along. Outside we timed it is just right to see a short aurora display before a final warm up in the guest cabin before heading to bed. Our bed was surrounded by blocks of ice was was actually a mattress and blanket that our mummy sleeping bag rested on. We slept fine, it was very much like camping out in the winter. In the morning we took a sauna followed by breakfast (in a heated restaurant) before hitting the road.

I bitch a lot but really it wasn’t terrible. Something unique and interested to try, and while I wouldn’t do it again, I’m glad we took on the challenge. Did I mention it was over Valentine’s day? Yeah, Jean won’t be leaving the planning to me next year.

Here are a sampling of the various sleeping and common rooms

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