Bugging out of Vallarta for Chamela

Back aboard Strikhedonia and it was a rush to get provisioned and off the dock. Thankfully with all the work done before heading home for Christmas it was quick and easy. As is our usual we headed out to Punta de Mita in the afternoon and then woke up at 11:00pm to start the trip down to Pérula. It was an odd passage in that it was drizzly and cold, making the night shifts spent under a blanket in the saloon. Every five, ten minutes a poke of the head outside to make sure everything is good and then back into the somewhat warm interior.

By morning we were pulling into Pérula and super happy to see our friends Moon Drifter aboard. Jean was feeling a little under the weather and ever the sweetheart, Helen made her soup. Thankfully by the next morning she was feeling better, no doubt due to the soup! We sent a few days hiking, kayaking, exploring, and spending time with Ralph and Helen. But soon enough it was time for us to pull anchor and pop down to Tenacatita.

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