We scared everyone out of San Juanico

What a sunrise! I sat on the saloon roof watching the colors in the sky cycle through before the sun popped up over the horizon. The obsidian hill basking in the glowing light. By 7:00 we decided to make the short hop down to San Juanico, so anchor up and on our way. Jack took the helm so I could catch up on the Black Sails episode I slept through last night. No excitement moving south until we reached the mouth of the anchorage. First one boat departed, then another, and by the time we made our turn a floatilla of six more boats rushed out. Was it something we said??? We no more than set our anchor and another boat departed.

Looking for some “me” time I dropped the kayak as SV Big City Fish fired up their engines. I paddled over to see what was going on, they hadn’t heard anything on the radio, just a mess of boats leaving after the north wind settled down. Hmpf. Well all told we when from 15 to 6 boats, means more privacy for us.

I continued my paddle first to my morning favorite, the shell/sandstone, enjoyed some time sitting on the land before drifting through the sea caves and around the point to my second morning spot where I beached the kayak and checked on a stack of shells that I built last year. Must have been some big summer storms because not much was left. I re-piled new shells and then found some shade to sit and watch the wildlife taking advantage of a leaf covered shrub brush. A small black bird, a humming bird, and multiple insects and took refuge and entertained me.

Time for a snorkel, back to Strikhedonia to grab gear and over to a beach near a rocky area that was good last year. Visibility wasn’t the greatest but I did find a nice array of fish; damsel, parrot, giant hawk, trigger, cabrilla, and thousands of little silver bait fish. Worth the work of gearing up and as a bonus cleaned off all the sweat and dirt from my body.

Nap time followed by a trip to the “Cruiser’s tree.” Strikhedonia’s contribution fell prey the summer storms and the line strapping it to the tree gave way. Not to fear it was reattached and good for another three years. On the walk back we circumnavigated the pinnacle rock, at the full moon low tide there was enough rock exposed.

Jack visited the sandbar and soon was calling for me. Unable to hear I walked out to him and learned he was finding chocolate clams. Sweet! It wasn’t a massive haul but we did locate 15, enough for a meal tomorrow.

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