A beach day in Isla Coronado

With such a short stop in San Juanico I needed to squeeze in the climb up to the hill overlooking the bay. So just after 6:00am I was paddling into shore to begin my hike. My first visit here I hit a second peak that is more inland and today I started there. It is much steeper and challenging with the sharp ridgeline adding to the excitement. At the top I could just see the sun peeking over the horizon so I settled in to see the day begin. The trip down was even more of a challenge but no injuries. There is a smaller connecting peak that midway down I decided was necessary so that added a bit more elevation for the day and a nice view of the estuary. Up the hill that led to the hike was pretty mellow after the bouldering at the beginning and the view was as spectacular as ever. Such a great way to start the day!

Back on the boat we prepared for our twenty odd mile trek down to Isla Coronado. We left at the same time as a monohull but decided to conserve fuel and putt along at a slower pace. Today was not our day to race. Tiny bit of breeze brought out the jib but it added maybe 0.2 knot. Oh well, at least we look like a sailboat.

Anchor set, we grabbed some beers and lunch and headed to the palapa on the beach. Lots of tourists from Loreto, still we found a shady spot. After some food Jack headed off to snorkel while I relaxed and enjoyed the music and people watching. While we were enjoying our beach time a charter catamaran anchored and re-anchored a number of times. Upon our return I found they were closer than I was comfortable, so up when the anchor and we moved to a spot giving us a better safety margin.

The highlight of the day was a dish I put together with clams we forged in San Juanico and founder fishermen in Gonzaga gave us. It. Was. Spectacular.

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