Finding more sharks

Boat chores ruled the morning, Carl jumped into splicing the screecher halyard (sheathing was cut) and whiping the end of 7 lines. I took care of laundry (sheets and some clothes, gave a deep clean to my bead (bathroom), and caught up one some work, work). Yesterday we figured out that if we placed my Cell Hotspot at the top of the mast we could get 2 or 3 bars of 3G cell signal. Which provided varying rates of download. But we were connected! So the work, work could not be put off any longer. Including calling into the office to check on how everything was running. And, come 11:00am I called into my development team meeting. Interestingly no one else called in and after a few minutes I remembered that there was a time change in the US but not in Fiji. Whoops. Thankfully that meant my meeting was at noon. So at least I hadn’t missed the meeting.

After all that we finally could play. Out came the paddle boards and off we went exploring the varying sized islands nearby. Actually a tiny island very close had a small cave that I paddled into, kind of cool. Getting a bit further away we realized there was a far amount of wind and that our anchor spot was tops, with just a small breeze to cool us down. The stronger wind made for some rolling of the paddle board that kept me wondering if I would be taking a dip before I made it across to another island. We found a cool cove where the forest came right down to the water and huh look at that a black tip reef shark swam quickly out of our way. We continued on exploring and headed back across the windy channel to the other side in search of 3 or 4 caves that we had read about. Ultimately we didn’t have any luck finding them but did come across black tip reef sharks, a pair this time. It was an interesting paddle of three miles, over an hour and twenty minutes later we called it a day.

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