Squeezing in a backpacking trip up Soda mountain

With not much time before leaving for Alaska and Fiji, I really wanted to get in a backpacking trip. I wish there had been more time but alas only a single night could be squeezed into my schedule. A massive bonus was that I was the first one on the trail for the year. Well maybe not a massive bonus as there were a ton of downed trees that I had to climb over or go around…

The hike started at the Dry Lake trailhead on Buff pass, taking Soda Ditch Loop (1020, 1.63 miles) to Soda Mountain (1029, 4.88 miles) to camp. On the way back I took Soda Mountain (1029, 2.96 miles) to Soda Mountain Connector (0.84 miles) to Grouse (1021, 1.01 miles) to Soda Ditch Loop (1020, 1.63 miles) – about 13 miles total.

The hike in

Camp life

The hike out

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