On to Agua Verde for a “moderate” hike

Typically on Isla Monserrate I enjoy a morning hike up into the hills of the island but we woke to an absolute swarm of bobos. Unbelievably worse that Refugio even. It was quickly decided that we were leaving now. Lowell called on the radio to inform the fleet and the reply was that plans had been updated to head for Agua Verde. Perfect, earlier looking at the weather we decided there was no way we would go to Salinas (which had been the plan) as the wind and long fetch would be right into that anchorage. No wind, so it was a motor the entire way. Some of the boats waited and had a nice, albeit slow-ish sail.

Enroute, I jumped on the radio and offered to lead a group on a hike to the cave paintings. With some time to kill I explored the small beach where we had anchored and around the corner over the rocks since it was coming up on low tide. Following lunch eleven of us dinghied to the north beach and started our hike. Kim from SV Salt had also previously taken this hike and reaching the palm forest we stuck to my typical route, ducking in and around fallen trucks and hanging frons. My navigation skills were questioned at times, which I would have had I been them, but soon enough we emerged and began the hike along the beach.

John from Balum decided he was good and found a shady spot to wait while the rest of use carried on. It was nice to have some high clouds reduce the intensity of the sun and next thing we headed up the hill. I had called a moderate hike, which might be underselling it. I had forgotten how steep and loose the last section is and a few in the group needed a hand making it up but we all made it! Photos, water, and some mild cave exploring behind us, we headed back down. On the return Kim took us an easier way that bypassed most of the palm forest. I also screwed up calling it an hour and a half to two hour hike, it ended up about two and a half hours. But I think everyone was glad they went and had a good time. Plus, all that exercise meant less guilt having drinks at the beach potluck.

Steak and nopales in cream tacos were the menu for dinner along with what sides people brought. It was a great time meeting and talking to a bunch of new people hearing their sailing stories and planned off season plans. A huge added bonus was getting to hang out with Vicki (formally of SV Volare) who I had not seen since 2018 down in Barra. We had A LOT of catching up to do as she moved from sea to land (Prescott) and I moved from Minnesota to Colorado with both of us selling our boats. I pulled it out and managed to make it to cruisers midnight before launching back to Gato Loco. A super fun first night with everyone able to get together.

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