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Panel done???

Oh I’m sure something will pop up but this morning I finished the wiring behind the panel and was happy to see the autopilot servos were detected, firmware automatically updated, and the looked good. I may have accidentally run the aux fuel tank pumps for a second, so I know those work too. I still need to wire the wing…

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Plugging away on the wiring

Kicked the day off with mounting the transponder and fuse block before moving to the back of the plane. Then it was on to installing the transponder antenna so I could finally bolt the battery tray to fuselage. Then I adjusted the battery cables before ratcheting down the battery retaining bolts. To allow for the backup battery to get a…

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Whew, does that feel good. The wing skins are riveted which makes the wings basically complete. Also today the ailerons were attached. If only there wasn’t so much more to do before attaching the wings to the fuselage…

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