Agua Verde Experience

The Multihull/Seawind rally was quickly approaching so further north we went, stopping in another favorites spot Agua Verde. With no fresh veggies since Mazatlan (San Evaristo’s tienda was pretty bare) we were hoping that the tienda in town would replenish our supplies. So off in the kayaks we went. After a tour of the town and checking out the two churches, two tiendas, and two schools we hit the beach for some fish tacos and beer at Palapa Brisa del mar (the woman’s cooperative restaurant on the beach). Feeling good after a few beers and some tacos we braved the ocean back to Strikhedonia. Touch and go I tell you, okay maybe it was really a mellow paddle…

The next morning began with a bit of food and a rush to beat the heat for our hike to the cave paintings. We no more than got to shore and I realized I forgot to start up the watermaker. Duh. Sabrina and Jess headed up the hill while I rushed to fire up the watermaker before trying to catch them. After checking out the cemetery we headed into the palm forest where a palm frond were needed to get a couple free range long horns out of our path. Reaching the beach t was nice to see the water was no longer thigh deep at the estuary crossing (like in November) making staying dry easy. Our biggest excitement came as we headed towards the cave and came upon what appeared to be rattlesnake tracks. A careful survey didn’t located any snakes and we passed without incident. Once at the cave, we soaked in the view and snapped a few pictures before making our return.

I’m not sure what it is, I never have a problem getting to the beach when going to the cave, but always get a little off track through the palm forest on the return. My hiking partners questioned my sense of direction but in the end I safely navigated back to the anchorage. Speaking of things that always happen, when coming around the hills and getting the first view of the anchorage my heart races until I get far enough around the hill to see Strikhedonia – which always seems to take an extremely long time to come into view

There was a ton of racket outside in the afternoon. Enough to draw everyone from their siesta to see what was causing the commotion. It was a huge school of bat rays! They jumped, and jumped, and jumped, and jumped some more. It was incredible how active they were and we were well entertained!

I fail to remember why is was so important but evidently it was necessary to paddle into shore. There was a decent swell rolling in and I gave us 50/50 odds of staying dry, Jess was game while Sabrina chose to sit this one out. Everything went smoothly, until it didn’t. I take the blame, we powered through the area where waves were breaking and right onto a submerged rock. Seriously, the ONLY rock in the area and I aimed us right for us. Fuck. There was a tiny bit of drama before stepping foot on shore. Whew. After our trip to the tienda the return leg was smooth as could be.

As the sun began to set Sabrina went off to enjoy the evening

The next morning, Sabrina and Jess slept while we quietly motored off into the sunrise.

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