Bahia Agua Verde – Hikes, Goats, and Locals

We ended up extending our visit at Agua Verde to four nights, enjoying the peaceful fishing village and hiking opportunities. This is a popular destination, and one night we had 11 neighbors in the anchorage.

Beautiful sunrise each morning

The guide book mentioned a restaurant in the village. While we did see this restaurant (which is located in the “town”) a more recent restaurant has emerged on the beach. When I asked to see a menu, Leonor said “we have fish tacos”. Generally they will run to the tienda if you want a beer, but it was out of stock so I had lemonade. The restaurant receives “marketing assistance” by a Canadian woman who spends four months a year on the beach in an RV camper with her husband and dog. She is a retired nurse and helps in the school teaching English. She tells us how the townspeople seem to becoming more wealthy and they have noticed several people adding on to their houses.

Our first day we hiked through the town, past the dump and through the canyon.

Towering mountains

This used to form a swimming hole above, but sand and rocks have filled it in

The tienda was closed and we think it was because there was an ambulance in the village and nearly the entire town was gathered around, we assume to get medications. We enjoyed seeing the goats and cows roam freely, however I was saddened to see the pigs were raised in very tight quarters.

We read about the cave drawings on this anchorage. Our first attempt to locate them wasn’t successful, but we found some fossils in our search.

We decided to stay another day and give it a try the following morning. The trail begins behind a house on the beach that is owned by an old man that lives alone with his dog, Cascabel (rattlesnake in Spanish). Despite Chris’s attempts to get Cascabel to turn back, he accompanied us on our trip, which took nearly an hour each way. We found a large shell and periodically poured water to share with our new friend.

We were told that the old man appreciates people bringing food to him, so after our hike we prepared a picnic lunch and enjoyed eating with him on his porch.

We found the beach more lively at night, as kids from the village are done with school, and there are usually some cruisers at the restaurant. Chris had some bubbles in his pack that he gave to a girl and it was fun to see her squeal and laugh.

An amazing dinner

Sweet young girls

The final night we invited our newest neighbor, SV Striker (David and Eileen), over for sundowners. Since we were both headed to Puerto Escondido, we ended up spending a lot of time together, including a Superbowl party and day trip to Loreto.

By our standards, these people don’t have a lot, but it didn’t escape me that if things went really wrong in the world, they have all they need to be self sufficient. Plus one of the most beautiful views anywhere.

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