A Caleta Partida adventure day

This was a big day, after having such a fun time last year swimming with the sea lions on Isla Islotes it was a must stop. It would be a bit more interesting since there were only two of us aboard and a 50+ foot depth. The decision was for us to take turns snorkeling and Vicki took the first trip in the water. Evidently the sea lions were even more playful this year and Vicki was giddy as she slipped out of the water, declaring it was an “orgasmic” experience. How is that for a marketing slogan! I took my turn and it was a special day, so much so that Vicki went back to play a second time.

Soon enough we made the hop down to Caleta Partida and, as luck would have it, just as we finished setting the anchor our neighbor left. So up the anchor came and we hoped over into their spot. We had missed high tide so after lunch it was kayak time. Our planned visit to the sea caves on the east side of Isla Espiritu was thwarted by big waves rushing into the inlet. It made for an interesting experience timing the waves to make our turn back to safety. The surfing back was a nice benefit… And no one was lost or injured.

One bit of entertainment we didn’t expect was a catamaran who pulled into the anchorage with ten minutes of light left in the sky. It was apparent after their first two attempts to set the anchor that they had no idea what they were doing (who knew you couldn’t drop a 2:1 scope and gun the engine in reverse). And no it was not a charter cat. Three spots and six attempts later they decided it was good enough and parked next to us. Ugh. Saving grace was that no major wind was expected overnight, otherwise I think I would have needed to have a chat with them.

Morning sunrise through the gap between Isla Partida and Isla Espiritu

Looking back at the anchor lights

Saying goodbye to the islands, next stop La Paz!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, seems I was lazy and didn’t pull out the camera. Or maybe I was just excited about getting to La Paz for Thanksgiving.

One more fun fact – this was the fourth night in a row we shared an anchorage with Intermezzo. But this time we followed them into an anchorage since they skipped the sea lions.

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