Colorado anchorage a bust to back to PE it is…

We woke to wind, shocker. But still comfortable excluding the constant howl. Breakfast and then the anchor was raised for the short motor down to Punta Colorada with a planned either day stop or anchorage for the night. We had the jib out to help and also gave the starboard engine a blowout (full power to blow out carbon that builds up when running at low RPMs). From there is was just a mellow day on the water until get got to Colorada to find another boat was already there. Blerg. It is a small anchorage and rather than crowd the other boat for a few hours we decided to plug on to Puerto Escondido.

We made our way around Isla Dazante and into the harbor pushing against a 1.5 knot current. Soon enough were on a mooring ball. In the afternoon we headed in for some internet and laundry. We got 50% of that accomplished, for some reason the internet was extremely slow. Oh well, I have cell coverage so I could call home and check all of the critical things. Then back to the boat before coming to shore for a pizza dinner!

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