A few days in Banderas Bay

We managed to slow down a bit, after our two days in Yelapa we headed across the bay to La Cruz. Joe was at the helm when he spotted whales so we buzzed over there and were treated to a private show. A nice way to break up the short trip.

For the past two years I have been emailing with Carl on S/V Sky Pond (a sister ship to Strikhedonia). Our paths have crossed a number of times this fall and winter, the closest coming when I sailed into Barra de Navidad while Sky Pond headed out of the bay. We had a chance to talk on the radio and laugh about all of our close encounters. However, today that would all end with Sky Pond in the marina and us in the anchorage it was time to meet in person.

After getting the anchor set and relaxing a bit we headed into shore. Joe and Tanya went off exploring while I hung out with Roxy and Carl. It was fun talking about past adventures and getting to know each other. A bonus was checking out a few changes that Seawind has made to the 1160 (Sky Pond is a 2015 model). Too soon I had to head off to meet Tanya and Joe for the dancing horses in town.

A few day later we moved over to Paradise Village. After a few months Strikhedonia was more than a little dirty and a good wash was in order – and I needed a haircut, a few provisions, a birthday dinner for Debbie on S/V Three Quarter Time with S/V Yoshan, and of course some pool time. Oh and I can’t forget getting my friend Jeff moved aboard. We squeezed a lot into just a few days and before we knew it the dock lines were thrown off and further north we went.

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