Empennage start, err back to inventorying

So today I planned to start the empennage but on the first page I found a missing part. In one of the bags there was supposed to be the three different VS brackets. Unfortunately I had two VS-1010-P parts. Ugh. A call to Van’s put me on the list for the replacement part, which should have already been delivered to Van’s from their supplier, so who knows when I’ll see it.

At this point I decided I’d better inventory every part, nut, bolt, bearing, and piece of aluminum. So the remainder of the day was spent completing the empennage kit. The good news is everything else was present and accounted for (other than the missing part and three back ordered parts, which I was told were shipping today).

Speaking of back ordered parts, my nose gear is a 6-12 week lead time. I need it in six weeks so fingers crossed that comes through…

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