Exploring the hills and seafood of this slice of paradise

After a second calm night I was up early and jumped into a kayak to explore the shore. The anchorage has a beach with cliffs and two deep arroyos leading to the base of the hills. I made my way up the first arroyo looking for a spot to slip up the cliff. 500 meters or so I found what looked like a doable spot. The sand was soft, not a problem at first but as I got higher my fears of falling increased. The last push I went quickly not giving my feet time to slide out from under me.

I followed the bluff to the hills and went up a vein of sharp red rocks on my left and a blueish granite on my right. I found a nice little seat to stop and take in my surroundings. On the way down I followed the second arroyo, which was much easier. Approaching the beach I had to contend with aggressive seagulls. Not my first rodeo, I grabbed a long branch of driftwood which I held in the air. The gulls would still dive but didn’t give me too much grief.

Late morning Shalise and Jack took their leave for some hiking and to get in another snorkel – yeah I wrapped up this spring snorkeling yesterday after freezing my ass off. It gave me time to work on a few boat projects and get some preparations completed for our final passage to Puerto Penasco.

Once they returned it wasn’t long before we all were ready for a nap. Life is tough… Our naps were interrupted by a visit from CJ and Ted (MV Cancun Baby). We welcomed them aboard. Not content to come empty handed they brought us a beautiful yellow fin jack (yellowfin is not a tuna). Oh my, oh my, life is good. After the boat tour we hung out a bit. The wind picked up to the 15 knot range which led to talk of the upcoming weather. They hoped to return to Puerto Lobos on Tuesday so we reviewed the latest forecasts I had downloaded. Wednesday looked better than Tuesday, I offered to give them a weather update as we departed Monday night to help them make a final decision.

An afternoon meditation was called, first a 25 minutes session followed by a 10 minutes session. In hindsight this was extremely timely as the night would bring back strong winds. As dinner time approached we had tuna sashimi, which when placed on your tongue melted with a buttery seafood flavor – oh so good. Shalise made a big meal for us of whole chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy. The lack of leftovers tells the story.

Tired we hit the sheets around 9:30pm with winds in the 15-20 knot range. I might have nodded off a bit but as time ticked by the winds kept increasing, “Here we go again”, I thought. Around 11:00pm I decided to pull off the window screens as we were now seeing 25 knots sustained and gusts in the low 30s. Back to bed to wait out the wind, it wasn’t but ten minutes later that I heard voices. Everyone congregated in the saloon and chatted about the return of the wind and the anchor holding perfectly. Half hour later we retreated back to our berths and worked on getting some sleep.

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