The finish line is in sight!

Work continued and the day before our haul out we moved to a motel for the last two nights. Ah showers and air conditioning. Funny story – Jack and I had checked out a couple places and actually had reserved one that looked okay. Later that day Jack found a better spot and canceled the first motel and while there learned that we would have been given a free “massage.” Huh, didn’t realized it was “that” kind of place…

We made good progress, enough that we took Ted and CJ up on a dinner offer. It was a blast hanging out with them again – this time all showered and cleaned up. The food was great as was the gorgeous view, but the company is really what made the night shine.

The next day Ted had to drive back to Phoenix for work, so he missed the haul out fun. But CJ dropped by and graciously offer to help Shalise polish stainless while we waited our turn. Yes, I have some amazing friends! Soon enough Salvador from Cabrales Boatyard arrived and it was go time. We pulled into the haul out slip and after a few tense minutes Strikhedonia was hang in the slings out of the water.
Phase 1, check.

The driver negotiated a path to the storage yard while we walked along side. Pulling up to the summer home for Strikhedonia the first attempt to sandwich her in was a failure, just not enough space. Over the next ninety minutes, a group of ten of us relocated a couple masts (including Brian and Sue on Sea Rose mast) and other equipment that was blocking our way. Finally she was down and blocked so I could take a deep breath.
Phase 2, check.

Final cleaning, preparations, and maintenance were finished up and by 3:00pm I locked the door and we headed for a nice cool shower.
Phase 3, check.

Well almost shower time… Walking out we got waylaid by a group of salty sailors sitting around in the shade with cool beers and snacks. Fun conversations with the crews from Sea Rose, Imagine, Liquid, and one more catamaran (who I fail to remember the name of, sorry) led to a few well spent hours. As the siren song of the showers got louder Shalise and I wondered where had Jack drifted off to? Well I found him hanging out on Sedna along with the crew of Salish Dragon. Ken gave me a tour of their beautiful boat and offered a beer but that siren song was just too loud. So it was goodbye until next time and we were off to the motel.
Phase 4, check.

After some awesome showers, we were ready for CJ. She had offered up another night out, this time it would only be Jack and me as Shalise had a bunch of organizing/packing that kept her from joining. One of her favorite musicians was playing at the Friendly Dolphin so that sealed our fate for the night. What proceeded was a great meal from a friendly owner followed up by what could best be described as a private concert. Seriously, how lucky are we! The time went by much too fast and we made it a late final night, trying to squeeze every last bit of Mexico. Can’t wait to hang out with CJ and Ted in the fall!

The next morning it was a taxi to the shuttle to Phoenix and a good end to a great season!

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