Garmin Kavlico Sensor Failure Replacements

I struggled to find a simple guide to understand the various Kavlico sensors and relevant service bulletins, here is my consolidation of that information.

Relevant Links:
The issue was outlined by Larry, N38LA (RV-10) back in 2020 on this VansAirforce post: Link
The Garmin Service Bulletin: Link
The Dynon Service Bulletin: Link
The Van’s Service Bulletin: Link

Original Sensors on my plane:
I bought my sensors from SteinAir in November 2020:
Oil Pressure: Garmin P/N: 011-04202-30
Fuel Pressure: Garmin P/N: 011-04202-20
Manifold Pressure: Kavlico P4055-30A

Sensors I upgraded:
Oil Pressure: Kavlico P255-150G-E4A (stainless steel)
Fuel Pressure: Kavlico P255-150G-E4A (stainless steel)

Acceptable Sensors:
* Acceptable Sensors, source: Garmin G3X/G3X Touch Installation Manual (Rev AS, March 2023)
** UPDATED Sensors, source: Dynon Service Bulletin
*** LEGACY Sensors, source: Dynon Service Bulletin

Oil Pressure (0-150 psi, 1/8-27 NPT):
Kavlico P4055-5020-4 *
Garmin GPT 150G (stainless steel, Garmin P/N: 011-05783-30) *
Kavlico P255-150G-E4A (stainless steel) **

Fuel Sensors (0-75 psi):
Kavlico P4055-5020-3 *
Kavlico P4055-75G-E4A (Dynon does not recommend) *
Garmin GPT 75G (stainless steel, Garmin P/N: 011-05783-20) *

Manifold Pressure (0-30 psi):
Kavlico P4055-30A-E4A *
Kavlico P500-30A-E4A *
Garmin GPT 30A (stainless steel, Garmin P/N: 011-05783-00) *
Kavlico P4055-30G ***
Kavlico P4055-5025-2 ***

15 psi
Kavlico P255-15G-E4A (stainless steel) **
Kavlico P4055-5025-1 ***

5 psi
Kavlico P4055-5G ***
Kavlico P4055-5025 (no suffix) ***

Affected, potential bad sensors:
* Source – Garmin Service Bulletin 2069 Rev A
** Source – Dynon Service Bulletin
150 psi
Kavlico P4055-150G-E4A *
Kavlico P4055-150G **
Kavlico P4055-5025-6 **

75 psi
Kavlico P4055-75G **
Kavlico P4055-5025-4 **

50 psi
Kavlico P4055-50G-E4A *
Kavlico P4055-50G **
Kavlico P4055-5025-3 **

15 psi
Kavlico P4055-15G-E4A *

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