Gifted a fresh white snapper for dinner!

On arrival I had seen a bommie a bit close to our path so I took the paddleboard to try to located it and mark a new waypoint to avoid. Paddling around it took a bit but eventually I located an area just a few feet below the water and after some trial and error took screenshots of the map. From there I headed into a beach to explore a bit and also turned into a but of shell finder.

Still feeling interested in exploring, I headed over the the sandy beach exposed by low tide that Carl and I had paddled over yesterday. This started a few mile hike retracing around that were explored from the water. So interesting to see the difference between low and high tide.

After lunch, we were visited by Able (the fisherman who had stopped by yesterday). Carl had given him a rope and today we gave us a great looking white snapper. Dinner plans had changed! We chatted a bit with Able’s sister (Able, appears to be hung over from last night’s kava). It was a nice visit with her but too soon they had to be going. While chatting Carl, went inside and came back with some “Hollywood” sunglasses for her which she donned with a big smile.

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