Go Time!

The time had come, we had a window to cross to Puerto Penasco. Our plan was for a 3:00pm departure which left us with time to squeeze in yet another hike! This time with Radu and Katja from SV Imagine. They had recovered from their sleepless night two days ago and were up for some exploring. So off we went in the dinghy to pick them up for our checkout of a different part of the island.

Some waves on the beach with a dinghy full of five people made it a bit more interesting. Other than bailing some water everyone survived and no electronics were harmed, so I suppose it is all good. Next time I’ll remember to hustle everyone up when it is go time!

We said our goodbyes to Imagine’s crew, at least for a few days, and putted back to Strikhedonia. Some lunch was had followed by some after hike rest. A bit later while I finished my engine checks everyone came up from their bunk, and everyone was in a “let’s do this” mood.

This was a bit of a final exam for Shalise. After six weeks aboard Strikhedonia she was going to act as captain directing Jack and me through the start of the passage. From getting the chartplotter running, powering up the electrics, checking that everything was secure, and the multitude of other little things that are necessary for a passage. She did a great job and soon the anchor was up and we were underway!

Jack had first watch so once Shalise got us out of the area she handed over the helm. And of course with that brought some waves on our port hull banging from time to time, but nothing even close to our passage to San Francisquito – thankfully.

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