Let the good life in Barra begin!

Sailing into the Barra area I see what looks like a Seawind so out comes the binoculars. Sure enough it is! Hmm who could it be, as they get closer I can see the SkyPond logo. Carl and I have been exchanging emails for a couple years and we just keep missing each other by a day or two. Looks like we’ll be two ships passing in the morning but not without a chat on the radio. Someday we will meet in person!

Pulling into the Barra lagoon it was great to find a spot near my friends on Volare and Free Luff. Just like last year it felt like the kick off to summer camp. I only had a few days until my friend Bill would arrive so some chores were on the agenda.

First thing was checking in with the port captain. Since the place my parents rented was on the way I swung by, feeling a bit sad that they weren’t here to greet me like last year. Check in was a breeze and left time for a coffee at La Brula and some tacos too. Wanting to hit all the old haunts I wasted the afternoon away at the Grand Bay pool. Life is good. My buddy Jason on Volare was planned to head south the Zihuat in the morning so sundowners were required. A great first day and start to my time in Barra.

The next morning meant I needed some tasty breakfast treats from the French baker. Man life is good down here! It happened to be Valentine ’s Day, my Valentine was back in MN and Jody on Free Luff had hers in Michigan so we teamed up for the day. First stop was a bus ride to Melaque with Mike and Nancy (Shanti), and Jody (Free Luff) where we had a huge Thai lunch that was amazing! So rare to find Asian food in Mexico and we took full advantage stuffing ourselves.

In the evening Jody and I joined Liz and Brian (Half Moon) for a fancy dinner at Miram’s tacos. I joke because it is a simple taco stand where the tacos are grilled on an old car wheel hub. But they are seriously the best tacos around.

The next day Bill arrived and yes in between all the playing I did do my chores too. Getting the boat fueled up (both food and diesel) and cleaned up pretty.

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