Lighthouse and Goat Hill Hikes in Mazatlan

There is something meditative about climbing up a hill for me. So every place we stop, I look for places to go hiking. The lighthouse (Faro) in Mazatlán is a famous spot to capture pictures of the city from above. Easy to access from the centro district, it takes maybe twenty minutes to walk to the base of the hill.

Base of the hill, up we go!

The trail has switch backs at the beginning before reaching the beautiful and laborious rock/concrete path. The path is still a work in progress and watching guys schlep buckets of sand, rock, and concrete up made me feel guilty for only hauling my ass up to the top. I overcame my guilt by giving away some candy and granola bars. Lame I know.

Sadly I wasn’t able to get past the caretaker to climb up to the top of the light.

Basic translation, it is a big ass light you can see from super far, and was built from 1890 to 1892.

The view that makes the hike work it for many tourists and a few locals looking for a picnic spot

On the day we departed Mazatlán we sailed over to the Stone Island anchorage, which happens to have a nice hike with free range goats. Shockingly the hill is called Colina los Chivas (Goat Hill).

Not a huge hill but still one I wanted to summit

The roots of this tree point to a tough life

Part way up the trail we had a chance to check on Strikhedonia

Maybe not as impressive a view as from the lighthouse (barely visible on the hill) but still worthy of the hike

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