Matanchén home of the jungle tour and jejenes

We heard horror stories about the jejenes (little biting bugs) so while in Mazatlán we bought some black veil material and Vicki slaved over needle and thread to fashion us bug screens for the large saloon windows. And yes we absolutely needed them. But let me back up a bit.

Matanchén beach from Strikhedonia

We arrived in the afternoon from Isla Isabel with plenty of sunlight and found a nice spot away from the other five boats anchored in the bay. And also anchored away from the beach, which was two fold – one to reduce the jejenes and two the bay has a very small incline so it stays shallow a long ways from shore. We settled into a relaxing evening with plans in the morning to go on a jungle tour by panga. In the morning we got moving but not before spotting a number of jelly fish floating around the boat. Maybe swimming was off the list…

Moon jellyfish (I think, I wasn’t tempted to test their stinging power top find out for sure)

Once ashore we found a map of the beach in Mantachen. If it wasn’t for the jejenes it might have been a lovely place to enjoy a cold cerveza. Being as it was 8:30 in the morning we carried on, up the road and under the arch welcoming us to Hermoso, San Blas and leading us to the jungle tour launch point.

Map of the beach restaurants and lodges along the beach

Banana bread (Pan de platanos) a big deal here…

As the afternoon wound down I decided to head in and walk the beach. It was so quiet, just a few families. I have heard from friends that during the weekend it is a madhouse, so I appreciated the semi-private beach. With no shoes I was still able to walk the two miles past a couple bays around the point where the open Pacific waves crashed on the shore.

Lucky for me I wasn’t cooking and arrived in time for a crazy awesome dinner of estofado de mariscos. Score!

Seafood stew with fish, calamari, and jumbo shrimp

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