A peaceful night was followed by a short sail, okay motor up to Mulege. Heading up the estuary always makes me nervous and the murky water didn’t help spotting obstructions. Thankfully no drama and after setting a stern anchor we got ready to head into town. Lowell called his guy, Nacho, to pick us up and soon we saw his purple van bouncing along the road. We piled in and got caught up on the coming and goings in Mulege. Nacho dropped us off in the central square and we wandered to the very cool restaurant/hotel Los Casitas.

The plan is always to eat lunch at Las Equipales so we kept it to a few drinks and some chips/salsa. We soaked in the lush patio with the sound of the water features and little birds chirping. Next up was a stop at the dive shop for some shopping. Chatting with the owners it seems tourism is still down since Covid but enough to keep things sustained. Purchases acquired the last shopping spot was a thrift store. They had all kinds of treasure from the 80’s. I was tempted by a few toys I had as a kid. But given the lack of space, and the realization I’d probably rarely pick them up, I passed.

We wadded through a sit-in protest in front of the restaurant (government office below). Lunch was great with a lentil soup to start and then massive portions. Like food coma level. I helped Lowell with his scallops but had to pass on leftovers from the two-pound fish sandwich Eddie ordered. Nacho swung by and picked us up, took us for water and ice, and dropped us back at the dinghy. And then the napping began…

A bit of paddleboarding helped burn off some calories before cleaning up and heading out for more great food. This time it was guys night at El Patron where the Mixto Campechano was recommended. And what a recommendation it was, shockingly fresh, incredible variety, and just the right amount of spice made for happy bellies. We kept it to a single margarita, well at least until we got back to the boat. Lowell broke out the tequila, we didn’t get crazy but did enjoy some evening sipping.

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