No more wires left

Overnight I realized I missed the wires for the doors unlatched switches, oops. Along with pulling a new Com1 antenna wire I finished off running the wires. I still have a bunch of terminations to do on the VPX but then I should be done. Fingers crossed the avionics works when I flip the switch.

A fellow RV-10 builder has struggled to get his trim to match the switch direction. Hours with Garmin, VPX, and Stein could not figure out why it couldn’t be adjusted in software, so this afternoon I rewired his autopilot servos and now he is good to go.

In addition to running wires, I installed the Adel clamps on the co-pilot side, that side is 100%. Also connected the battery error monitoring and door open signal wires to the GEA24. Finished up the day terminating the high current wires for the two alternators and the ESS bus. Phew.

On a bad news front, I picked up the carbon fiber from the painter and pretty quickly realized the clearcoat did not bond. My fingernail can scratch it off. Fuck. Back to the painters I go tomorrow.

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