Sailor on sabbatical…

F**k me. It is so hard. So very hard to let go of SV Strikhedonia. She has been a huge part of my life during the past six years. Taken me on adventures I could never have imagined, kept me up late at night on anchor watch, and grown in me a deep appreciation for Mexico and her people.

Along the way I was lucky to share this journey with an epic, diverse, interesting group of people.
Number of people who have gone sailing on Strikhedonia with me: 56
Number of friends who got to experience the cruising lifestyle anchored in a beautiful place, or two: 20
Number of crew who, I can now count as friends, who joined me on different legs: 15

Those numbers just blow me away. And fills me with all the crazy times and sunsets I was able to share with these amazing people. I am beyond thankful for all they contributed to Strikhedonia and for being a part of my life. I feel so very lucky.

Most of those who have joined me have been for two weeks to a month but a few hardy souls have put up with me for longer stretches:
First place – Vicki 127 days
Second place – Jack 67 days
Third place – Shalise 45 days

So while my heart aches, I choose to focus on the positives. The reality that so few people have the opportunity to experience what I was lucky enough to have experienced. That my wife joined me on part of the adventure and supported this crazy dream of mine. That Strikhedonia is continuing on her journey with a new crew who are awesome people – which makes me so happy. That I will be able to watch as she crosses oceans in years to come. So for now, I’m classifying myself as a sailor on sabbatical, the ocean is still calling and there will be a day when I return.

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