Three days of mountain biking in Moab

Needed a little break from the plane building after 14 days straight. And truth be told Carl on SkyPond and I had been planning this trip for a long time. Carl is a stud and has ridden Moab trails for the past twenty years making him the ideal guide, or so I thought. Let’s just say he loves the extreme double back diamond runs, something that is probably beyond my skill level. But never to back down from a challenge I rallied and other than a small injury from Goldbar rim trail I came out unscathed. Woohoo. Great times and next year is already in the works.

Day 1 – HyMasa/Captain Ahab/Cliffhanger/Pothole Arch/Rockstacker/Jackson
Day 2 – Pavement to Gemini Bridges/Gold Bar Rim/Portal (30 mile day)
Day 3 – Slickrock Complete/Slickrock Practice

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