Unbelievable drifting through the pass, part deux

Bread making was interrupted by…drum roll please…a water leak. Never something you want to have on a boat, in this case it was fresh water and coming from the carbon filter for the kitchen sink. Second only to painting, my least favorite job is plumbing. But fresh water being important it was time to dig in and resolve the issue. Initially we thought the issue was the push-on plex tubing adapter, nope. Then the water filter housing leaked, secondary and our fault. And finally we found a 90 degree fitting with a crack, bingo. Searching the boat for any other 90 degree fittings turned up nada, so we had to unbolt the filter mount and use a straight fitting, which we did have. All told it was only a 90 minute project, and we were successful, so chalking this up to a successful morning.

Just before 11:00am (an hour earlier than yesterday, based on today’s high tide) we jumped in the dinghy to continue our inspection of the pass. Today there was less wind and the current was still rushing into the atoll. But all we found were wind waves and ocean swell at the edge of the pass. Better than yesterday. From there we drift snorkeled the north side of the pass. Let me tell you it was incredible! So much colorful coral of different types, colors, shapes, and sized. Literally breathtaking free diving down to give it a close inspection. My favorite has to be the cabbage coral, which doesn’t look real but is actually very hard. After the pass, we let the current push us into the flats and extended our water time to about 45 minutes. Spectacular!

Now 11:40am we headed back out of the pass to do a second inspection. This time it was still better than yesterday (at the same time) with there now chop on the surface and still the ocean swell. It was decided, two hours before high tide would be our departure. Following our weather review it looks like tomorrow is the better day for sailing winds so that made this our last day in Fulaga. Bummer. It has been an absolutely amazing place to visit and so hard to leave but it is time.

In the afternoon I grabbed the paddleboard for one more cruise around the bay. I risked bringing along my phone so that I could grab some pictures. Reaching the far beach I worked a bit to find a coconut, and then worked on my skills getting it off the tree and opening it up. I’m definitely getting better and did not spill any of the coconut water cracking it open on the volcanic rock. Yum! From there I paddled to the other end of the bay where I ate the meat inside my coconut. Yum x2! And so concluded my exploring with just a short distance to get back to Sky Pond. I am so lucky to for Carl to bring me out here and for us to get a weather window that allowed the visit. Truly a unique and unbelievable place. I keep pinching myself every day and it was made even more special that we have been the only cruising boat our entire time (two weeks) in the southern Lau islands. Huge thank you shout out to Carl for making it happen!

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