Wow that was a lot of miles on skis…

As suggested by the guy at the ski rental I choose to ski the resort outside of my hotel (which is about 5km from the actual base area). I was glad to have scoped out the nearby trails yesterday as the logistics of this resort are overwhelming. I made it over to a new area and took multiple lifts to get to the top. From there, a bit of intermediate terrain before a very steep black section. This was a fun spot so I lapped it a few times. Followed by moving down the mountain one lift, lapping each until I made it back to the base area.

The big cable car was not running so I started moving west on the mountain to a eight person Skyline gondola that provides access to the “Super 8.”

The “Super 8” ski tour takes place on the slopes of the 5 Torri and Lagazuoi ski areas. The route has unique characteristics: it is simple, long, panoramic and develops between some of the most famous Dolomite peaks, such as the 5 Torri, Averau and Nuvolau, Lagazuoi, the Fanis and Conturines group.

The offer is completed by high altitude refuges, ice waterfalls, panoramic terraces and quality services.

It is necessary to take the ski bus or a taxi from San Cassiano to the Falzarego pass and be in possession of the valley ski pass.

After completing about a third of the route, the next lift had delayed opening so I had time to explore this fun area. There is very little ungroomed terrain at these resorts, but under a slow double lift was a section that people were skiing so I decided to give it a try. A number of steep descents in deep powder made for a fun time. If it wasn’t for the slow lift and the eventual opening the next lift along the Super 8s trail, I might have hung out here all day.

Back on the Super 8s trail; it was a ski, lift, ski long traverse, lift, short ski, lift, lift, ski traverse, cable car, ski very long traverse, horse tow, ski, hike, ski, shuttle. All told I covered over 60 miles on my skis, wow!

I headed back into town for dinner, flipping from fine dining to a pub style spot. Still the food was good and plentiful. So no complaints for me.

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