Zumba, Hiking, Paddling, Snorkeling – yep, Isla Coronado has it all

Just an 18.5 nautical mile hop south took us to Isla Coronado, where we anchored in a breathtaking turquoise blue crescent shaped bay. Surprisingly there was only one other boat when we arrived so finding a good spot was a snap. This is a popular day trip for visitors from Loreto, it was a Tuesday but that didn’t stop the crowds. At the beach palapa were nineteen ladies from Golden, Colorado on a Zumba dance retreat sponsored by InFit. And let me tell you, these ladies LOVED to dance. I was exhausted just watching the never ending dance party. A few beers turned into a few more beers, turned into a margarita, turned into a swim to cool off. Good conversations broke up the swimming and drinking, and just like that the sun began to dip and they had to head back to town.

Our loneliness didn’t last long as we met a group of five guys on a West Coast Multihulls charter boat. Stories were shared and near sunset one of the guys asked if that was our dinghy floating away. Duh. Hours ago I had run out to the boat to turn off the watermaker and now the high tide proved I had been lazy when pulling the dinghy up on the sand. Duh. My only restitution was a jog on the beach and wet shorts from wading in the chest deep water to where our dinghy happily floated. Eventually the day light ran out (and so did the beers) making it time return to Strikhedonia.

A leisurely morning followed, okay a lazy morning. We didn’t get to shore until after ten, long after the guys from the charter boat started their sunrise hike up the volcano.

Since it was already hot we decided to save the volcano hike for the next day and just take a short walk. But soon we found ourselves on the path to the top of the island’s volcano, what to do, what to do… Hot or not, climb on! The summit is 930 feet and much of the hike is on football sized rocks before reaching the last push up scree. Yeah, and that last push up the scree trail goes straight up. So for every step you would lose about half your forward progress. Thankfully it is only a fifteen minute section before reaching the peak. Once there we took in the breathtaking view of the bay. We added on to the hike by attempting to get a view of the north side of the island, however we gave up after realizing it was not going to be short wander. Back to the peak and few more minutes to enjoy the view before back down we went as it was now after noon and getting pretty damn toasty.

Could have been the heat, or our tired knees, regardless the trip back to the beach dragged on but we persevered. Finally reaching the beach, a cool off in the water was in order and damn that felt good. Today’s beach time was limited since someone didn’t bring beer, we’ll chalk it up to poor planning on my part.

Loving my morning time in nature, as the sun rose the next morning, I kayaking to the last little spit of land on the island. I took my time for the paddle, enjoying the beauty and peace of this spot. Had Jean been with me I would have called it a perfect morning.

Getting back, Mike had cooked up breakfast for us. Now that is a great crewmate! Snorkeling was still on the agenda so into the dinghy for a dive spot on the west side of the island. The snorkeling was just okay, worth the trip, but not spectacular. Wow, are we spoiled. Our need for sea adventure quenched, we called it a day and pulled up anchor for Ballandra on Isla Carmen.

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