2017, it is a wrap!

Whew looking back at 2017 was a another year of firsts; Farthest North in the Sea (Bahia Los Angeles), Sail plan for downwind sailing (Double headsails), Thanksgiving away from home (La Paz), Visit to the Southern mainland (Mazatlán and others), Teeth cleaned in a foreign country, and many more. We just keep finding more things that we love about Mexico. Initially the plan was to do a Pacific crossing in a few years but there is so much to see in Mexico this plan is on indefinite hold.

Year end summary…

Miles sailed: 1,873
Days spent sailing: 61
Nights at anchor 54
Nights at sea 3
Nights on the hard 6
Nights in marinas 51
Nights on mooring balls 14
Nights living aboard 128
Number of crew (excluding Chris and Jean) 8
Number of anchorages 37
Number of marinas 6
Number of haul outs 1
Expenses (over $100):
Anchor bridle: $265
Rudder interconnect: $315
Rudder bearings: $425
Anchor guide: $475
Saildrive transmission repair: $275
Bottom paint, to gelcoat and built back up: $2,500

Here is the 2017 list of boat projects (minor items and maintenance not included):

Replace Anchor bridleReplace water filters
Replace Rudder bearings (both sides)Remove foil
Install new anchor guideRemove through hull plugging
Install 55 pound Mantus anchorCheck batteries/BMS
Dinghy oil changeInstall new anchor
Install redesigned rudder interconnectMark anchor chain lengths
Repair SB saildrive shifterInstall screecher blocks
Hurricane season cleaningTest Propane values and system
Engine, Oil and filter changeReplace cabinet latches
Remove sails and run messanger linesTemp repair on watermaker boost pump
Remove StackpackClear port holding tank obstruction
Foil exterior windowsUnclog SB sink
Foil blocks and winchesClean and remove corrosion on sail drive bolts
Winterize Dinghy motorClean and remove corrosion rivets on mast
Dinghy change oilReattach Velcro to ceiling panel
Flush dinghy outboard motor with fresh waterReattach barameter
Run-out fuel in carbReplace anchor lightbulb
Install watermaker pickling valve and hoseWash topping lift line
Install sails and running riggingAdjust hatch hinge tension
Replace fuel filtersApply sailtape to jib
Repair shower gluper pumpLube saloon window struts
Replace engine zincsClean head sea water screens
Clean and inspect riggingUpgrade Iridium
Strip to gelcoat, new barrier coat and bottom paintReplace watermaker boost pump housing
New 65 pound Mantus anchorReplace stern shower hose
Label anchor chain locker with lengthsReplace triangle zincs
4200 on sail drive sealsDinghy replace outboard impellor and shift adjust
Install stack pack

The rhythm of living in Mexico is addictive and we are excited to see what new adventure await us in 2018. Bring on the good times!

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