A couple missed opportunities

We weren’t in a rush but around 6:30am we slipped off the mooring ball and started our motor over to Namena. A premier diving spot with 21 marked driving locations around the reef. Fingers were crossed for some amazing free diving, but first we had to get there. The sea state and winds were very calm and it was a chill 26nm trip. The only bummer was we could see a boat on AIS that was about an hour ahead of us with only one mooring ball in the anchorage and questionable places to anchor. That caused some concern but nothing we could do about it.

Pulling into the anchorage, sure enough they had the one mooring ball, we tooled around looking at the bottom and checking out two marked anchor points others have used in the past. Or first drop was quickly decided to be a no go as it would put us too close the other boat. The second was in 25 meters of water, not great. Especially if we got hung up on a bommie (which we could not see at this depth). But with no better options we dropped the hook, and started to back down, we bounced on rubble awhile before the anchor grabbed something. Definitely what I would call a “fair weather only” anchorage unless you can get the mooring ball. Carl dove the anchor and it was as we expected, small rocks and gravel with not much sand. We decided it was okay and that we’d set a tight range on our anchor alarm.

With that we settled in a bit and had lunch. The sun was bright and we hatched a plan to snorkel after a nap. I was tired and it sounded great. An hour later we realized our mistake as clouds had moved in. Blerg. Whelp, paddle board to shore and hike it would be. I explored the beach and found a path to the other side of the island. Along the way a green coconut was at perfect picking height, so how could I not take it? On the other beach I cracked it open for a refreshing drink. Did a bit of shell hunting and then headed back to the other side. The beach on the anchorage side is much longer and I took it all in, along the way I harvested a couple of slightly unrippened papayas. I came across Krait snake, numerous times we have talked about these snakes because they can be seen snorkeling and while they have a very small mouth (if they bite you), it is very poisonous. Not good. But on land I kept a safe distance and can now say I have seen one. The last bit of excitement was this island is a rookery for red footed boobies and I came across a family just above eye level (baby in the nest, dad on a branch just above, and mom above him squawking).

After some reading time it was grilling time, we capped off the night with some tasty grilled chicken, Moroccan pumpkin, and a salad. We are super stoked to get diving tomorrow and soon as the sun is high enough!

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